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Taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies and coupled with smartly coordinated expertise, ScreenCheck Africa is the leading value-added distributor(VAD) in Nigeria that focuses on providing identification and security solutions to local dealers.

Our presence in the global domain has been growing steadily by providing high-quality products such as ID card printers in Nigeria, Time & Attendance Access Control, RFID Solutions, and more of the world’s leading brands in identification, biometrics, and security solutions. By creating an extensive and accessible network for our integral partners to enhance their business opportunities on the international stage, we have been helping them to contribute to many public and private sectors.

Our Products

Fast and Reliable Access Card Printer Machines

Getting fast and reliable access card printer machines is now a high priority for many enterprises ever since the need for security and easy recognition of employees keeps increasing. ScreenCheck Africa has a wide range of ID card printers in Nigeria from Evolis, Entrust, Bravo, and Zebra. We distribute advanced-level access card printer machines that meet the business objectives of small and large-scale firms. To keep up with the rising challenges that normally occur in security parameters, having industry-proven access card printer machines that offer outstanding printing quality with fewer chances for errors will surely save a lot of money and time.

ScreenCheck Africa places value on customer satisfaction and therefore always provides the very best security solutions. We have marked our notable presence in identification, biometrics, and security solutions across the world by being a credible value-added distributor. Getting the best ID card printers in Nigeria for your business is not a complicated task now when ScreenCheck Africa is there for you.

Our Solutions

Card Issuance

The Card Issuance of ID cards is the front-end tool that is used for identification in so many different sectors. Africa provides end-to-end printing solutions that are smartly designed for diverse specialized markets and industries in Africa.


With our expertise and experience in dealing with security-related requirements, we provide industry-proven and the most competitive video surveillance solutions for your customers.


Offer customer loyalty solutions that are highly adaptable to any retail business scenario. Our customer loyalty solutions are much more than just marketing strategies to keep our business intact with our customers.


At ScreenCheck Africa, you can acquire the most demanding time and attendance systems that help you track working hours and schedules to avoid hindrances that usually occur at the workspace. PIN technology etc.


With the latest access control technologies at your disposal that assure flexibility and compatibility, you don’t need to worry about the security issues that occur at your workplace.

Customer / Footfall Counting

Customers are vital in keeping any business successful and sustainable. Keeping track of pedestrian traffic allows organizations to understand the insights around customer demographics and plan business campaigns accordingly.


Our RFID devices and solutions guarantee high-quality performance and accuracy that satisfy your company needs, revolutionising a variety of industries like manufacturing, corporations, events, retail, hospitality, and more.


Our visitor management solution (VAMS) gives you control over the monitoring of visitors who visit your office premises. You can customize the features in our VAMS software to match your work culture.

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