Suprema REALSCAN – F

Suprema RealScan-F live scanner is a single platen palm-print live scanner for capturing various types of fingerprint including ats, rolls, palms and writer’s palms. Featuring Suprema’s cutting-edge optical & biometric technologies, it is capable of capturing highest quality images regardless the physical condition of fingers. RealScan-F live scanner also covers loads of user convenient features like color LCD display, voice instruction, foot switch and mobile power supply. With proven reliability of FBI certication, RealScan-F live scanner is designed to provide perfect live scanning solution for various criminal ID applications.



Product Features

  • Single finger flats, rolls, four finger slaps, upper & lower palm prints and writer’s palms
  • Image quality check
  • Sequence check in rolls and slaps acquisition
  • Automatic segmentation of four finger slaps
  • Slippage detection for flats and rolls
  • Automatic capturing
  • Ghost image elimination
  • SDK for quick and easy integeration into any system


  • Compact & light weight palm-print scanner
  • Embedded DSP for high-speed image processing
  • Extra wide active image area for easy capturing
  • Built-in speaker for sound & voice instruction
  • 2.4” Color LCD and operation buttons
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Mobile operation through car power supply
  • FBI IQS Appendix F Standards compliance

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