Lift I/O

Lift I/O is purpose built expansion module designed for elevator floor access control. Combined with Suprema device and BioStar software, a single module can securely control up to 12 floors via encrypted connection Lift I/O can be linked in daisy chain configuration up to 10 devices for control of 120 floors.



Product Features

  • Control 12 floors per I/O module
  • Daisy chain up to 10 I/O modules per reader
  • Easy mounting and setup
  • RS-485 Secure communication
  • Highly customizable user access
  • CPU: 16 Mhz, 8bit Microprocessor
  • Control 12 Floors per I/O Module
  • Daisy Chain up to 10 I/O Modules per Reader (Up to 120 floors)
  •  Easy Mounting & Setup
  •  RS-485 Secure Communication
  •  Highly Customizable User Access

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