Evolis Primacy 2 – ID Card Printer

A high-performance printer with one of the fastest print speeds on the market and a

high-capacity feeder and hopper, Primacy 2 is the ideal solution for medium and large volume printing.

Its high-resolution printing mode and color profile capabilities produce stunning results, close to actual

colors with a high-quality finish.

Easily create your own cards with an appropriate level of security from the simplest to the most secure cards, Primacy 2 can do it all. Customized graphics (colors, photos, personal data), encoding of magnetic stripes, contact or contactless chips, holograms, protective laminates, UV effect, etc. You can choose the level of security depending on your requirements.



  • Multiple Printing Features
  • High – Performance Printing & autonomy
  • High Security & Card reliability
  • Protection of printed data
  • Intuitive use
  • Robustness
  • Clean Design
  • Printing Speed

280 Cards Per hour – Single sided

170 Cards Per hour – Double Sided



  • WIFI
  • 200 Card Optional Feeder Capacity
  • Lamination Module
  • Smart Card Contact & Contactless Encoded