BadgeMaker 6400

BadgeMaker 6400 ID card software is the successor of BadgeMaker 5500 ID card printers and the preferred choice in card personalization. The software has been implemented in thousands of organizations to issue IDs for national ID, driver licenses, passports, civil identification or social security cards. BadgeMaker 6400 offers you the convenience of designing, customizing and personalizing cards on demand.


Product Features

Numerous features have been integrated to facilitate rapid and easy card production, e.g. dynamic logo, automatic layout, multiple photo storage per record, advanced barcode library, magstripe, contact
and contactless smart card encoding. Reduce card production time and the failure rate and use BadgeMaker 6400 ID card software to print and encode contactless smart cards in one single print run.


Biometric capturing such as fingerprint, iris-scan and hand recognition facilitates verification of a person’s claimed identity. BadgeMaker 6400 ID card softwaresupports biometric capturing that enables you to store physical characteristic features of an individual.

By adding biometric data, the system becomes highly secure as biometric features are non-transferable.

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