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The official distributors for Zebra ID Card Printers, Entrust DataCard ID Card Printer, Evolis ID Card Printer, Suprema, Anviz, Bravo ID Card Printers, and Salicru UPS Solution.

Providing Security as a process but not as a product, that our trustworthy dealers could deal with our security company in Nigeria

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  • Extended warranty programs
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Evolis Primacy ID Card Printers

  • Color-dye sublimation and monochrome thermal-transfer
  • 16MB memory (RAM)
  • Single-sided or dual-sided printing module
  • Print Speed: Single side 225 cards/hr with YMCKO Dual side 140 cards/hr with YMCKOK
  • Output Hopper: 100 cards
  • Magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811 / JIS2

ZEBRA ZC100 – Single sided ID card printer

  • Dye-sublimation thermal transfer direct-to-card printer
  • 2GB Flash memory
  • Print Speed:150 cards/ hr with YMCKO,700 cards/hr with monochrome
  • Output hopper: 100
  • 3rd party contactless encoder integration kit

Entrust Datacard CR805 ID Card Printers

  • Dye sublimation
  • Print Capabilities: Single or dual-sided
  • Print Speed: Printer Only – Full-color printing
  • Output hopper: up to 25 cards (up to 100 optional)
  • Contactless smart card encoding

Suprema BioEntry Plus

  • CPU: 533Mhz DSP
  • Memory: 8MB flash 8MB RAM
  • Log Capacity : 50,000
  • Ultra Performance
  • Encrypted communication for enhanced security

IP65 Access Control Device

  • CPU: Industrial High-Speed CPU
  • Card Capacity:3000
  • Log Capacity:50000
  • Small size with a compact design


  • Backup battery for power supply interruptions.
  • Automatic voltage stabilisation (AVR).
  • USB communication interface with HID protocol.
  • Line-interactive UPS 500VA – 2,000VA
  • UPS 500-2000 VA with AVR + SOFT / USB

Impinj Speedway RFID READERS

  • 2 and 4 antenna port configurations
  • Device management and monitoring
  • Low-duty cycle and power consumption
  • Dynamic antenna switching
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi/cellular modem connectivity

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Things you should know before buying an ID card printer

Consider the following factors when purchasing an ID card printer

Technique for Printing

Guarantee that your framework is viable with your ID card printer. Color Sublimation is the most well-known and most affordable strategy; contrasted with the Reverse Transfer method. However, it leaves a little white boundary on the cards. Switch Move( or re-move) can accomplish more excellent print with full drain or no boundary. All ID card printers are feasible with PC by means of a USB association, yet not all are viable with Macintosh. Assuming you mean utilizing a Macintosh kindly ensure that the ID card printer has Macintosh similarity. Assuming different frameworks expect admittance to the ID Card printer, select an ID card printer that has an Ethernet association.

Less Time More Invest

Save your time and coast at lower rates by ordering in a large volume to invest in a more automated ID Card printer that are more appropriate for low burden/lesser voluminous printing, which will be less expensive and efficient/productive to put resources into a more robotized ID Card printer.

Save on Larger Batches

Save time and resources with less expensive that are more suited for small batches. As the single-sided ID Card printer expects you to flip cards to physically print on the opposite side. Though the Double-sided ID Card printer can save you a ton of time in bigger groups.

Need Time and Attendance System

Regardless of size, service, or product, all businesses require staff to function. As a result, your staff are both your greatest asset and your greatest expenditure. It goes without saying that keeping tabs on your employees’ time and attendance is essential. A manager who is overburdened, however, has more productive ways to use his time than keeping track of time and attendance. What happens then? If you’re still not convinced, incorporate a biometric time and attendance system into your company right away. Continue reading to learn why a biometric machine is a must-have for you.

Increase Profits

According to a 2015 Forbes survey, employee time theft is the single biggest source of revenue losses in the retail industry. A time and attendance system guarantee that employees are paid only for the work they actually perform and prevents buddy punching and time stealing.

Increased Employee Accountability

When it comes to monitoring how an employee utilises their time, how many breaks they take, and whether they arrive late or leave early, biometric time and attendance systems are 100% accurate. Every employee receives a report from the system. A thorough report will let management know whether employees are taking excessively long breaks, whether they are showing up to work, and whether they are tardy. Employees will ensure that their time utilisation will be more accountable once they are aware of the effective program tracking it, which will increase work productivity.

Increased Employee Morale

All of the data were computed by software, hence the processed data is entirely objective. Seeing less responsible employees get away with taking excessively lengthy lunches, arriving late, and leaving early is a huge source of frustration for the staff. The other workers’ morale suffers as a result, and they receive the same compensation as the slacker. They feel underappreciated because their hard work isn’t appreciated. The time that each person spends working in the office is recorded by a biometric machine, which helps identify employees who should be paid for a full day’s worth of work.

Immediate Data

Installing a biometric attendance system has obvious effects beyond simply saving you time and stress. You can address some additional problems affecting your company using the data it gives. An integrated time and attendance system provides managers with critical business knowledge that can help them take a more strategic approach. Managers will no longer need to wait for monthly reports to develop, adapt, or improve plans, which will increase production and efficiency at the business.

ScreenCheck Most Preferred Identification and Security Partner being the best-known dealers in a security company in Nigeria, we have brought a well-established network across the branches to provide a round-clock-wise business partnership.

We are widely regarded as the foremost leader in the global market machine for id card printing for providing high-quality products of the world’s leading brands in identification, biometrics, and security solutions. We at ScreenCheck are very much driven by the desire to help our partners achieve their business goals.

We are globally recognised by many accolades, such as the Dubai SME 100 award, as a global firm that breaks new ground and spearheads new strategies by contributing to both our partners and customers for our admirable consistency in service and professionalism in setting the standards high without any adrift.

Our Key Solutions

ID card printer
Time and Attendance
Access management
RFID based tracking
Customer Loyalty management
E-payment & Smart cards
Video surveillance

We are your all-inclusive resource to get your business environment.

Join Hands With ScreenCheck Africa

Our ambitions are beyond the horizon to bring the very best electronic security and identification solutions in ID card issuance, Time and Attendance, Access Control, Smart Card Solutions, RFID etc. By collaborating with ScreenCheck Africa, you can expand your business into the global domain by selling premium-quality products and solutions to a variety of industries such as hospitals, institutions, and so on.

We also provide several benefits to our customers, including a Channel Partner Program, extended warranty programs, streamlined workflow, and more. Now it’s the perfect time to join hands with ScreenCheck Africa and let your presence be known on the African continent. We provide the best ID card printer price in Nigeria, security solutions and biometrics

Our presence on the international stage is becoming more influential and inspirational in providing services to over 150 retailers spanning over 25 countries. As an official distributor of Zebra, Entrust, Evolis, Suprema, Anvis, Bravo, Salicru, VAMS, Nice, Tiso, CmiTech, WowRfid, and Virdhi, ScreenCheck is honoured to bring its latest venture to Africa.

Go through our buyer’s guide to get more in-depth insights about the ID card printer, time and attendance, RFID, video surveillance, and access control solutions. Now you can download our catalog to help you narrow down your search.

Our Solutions

id card printer price in Nigeria
Card Issuance

Issue of Cards The easiest identification instrument available nowadays is an ID card. Regardless of whether it’s a driver’s licence, employee or student ID, customer loyalty card, or banking.

id card printer price in Nigeria
Access Control Solutions

By using a decentralised design that offers flawless access control at a reasonable cost, our access control systems are created to enhance user convenience and security.

id card printer price in Nigeria
Time & Attendance Solution

Using fingerprints, facial recognition, proximity cards, PIN technologies, and other types of input, TimeCheck is a potent time and attendance control tool.

id card printer price in Nigeria
RFID Solutions

BlueTooth and WiFi-based Indoor Positioning System from Safe School enable the school to track student attendance in courses and identify those who wait for the longest for the bus or pickup.

id card printer price in Nigeria
Video Surveillance Solutions

We are able to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge and affordable solutions thanks to our collaboration with an important worldwide camera and accessory manufacturers.

id card printer price in Nigeria
Visitor Management Solutions

You can keep an eye on and manage people coming into your office using V-Authenticate (VAMS), our visitor management system. The program maintains track of every person that enters the building.

id card printer price in Nigeria
Customer Loyalty

Coupons and tokens are substitutes for our Customer Loyalty Solution. It is extremely adaptable to any retail company environment. Clothing, shoes, food, and drink, or any service provider are all acceptable.

id card printer price in Nigeria
Customer / Footfall Counting

Every company’s customers play a crucial role. Understanding the conversion rate is aided by keeping track of the foot traffic, which enables the company to develop and execute business strategies in the present and the future with accuracy and efficiency.

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