Evolis, leader of printing solutions on plastic cards


Plastic cards are commonplace in our everyday lives.
We all carry customized, encoded and/or secure cards for many types of applications:

• Employee badges
• Access control badges • Student cards
• Payment cards
• Membership cards
• Loyalty cards
• Event badges
• Healthcare cards
• National ID cards
• Driver’s licenses
• Transport passes
• Price tags
• and more

Evolis offers complete solutions:
Extraordinary speed (more than 225 cards/hour in color and 1000 cards/hour in monochrome), print quality, and flexibility.
To ensure optimal print quality, Evolis offers a complete range of consumables specifically designed to work with its printers: color and monochrome printing ribbons, holograms, patches, varnishes, cards and more.
Evolis includes an intuitive and powerful card creation and personalization software in its offer that makes it easy to design badges-from simple to sophisticated.
These all-in-one solutions can address specific market issues, such as Edikio solutions for the printing of personalized tags.ACCESSORIES
Evolis offers a full catalog of identification accessories, from badge holders to customized lanyards.

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