Dual-Sided ID Card Printers

Issue Secure Identities With The Next Generation Dual-Sided ID Card Printers From ScreenCheck Africa

ScreenCheck is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers and partners, which is why we have grown to become a global leader in delivering identification, biometrics, and security solutions.  Having an ID card for your employees...

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Top UPS Supplier in Africa | ScreenCheck Africa

Searching For a Reliable UPS Supplier in Africa? ScreenCheck Africa Can Help You

Ever since electricity was found, mankind has largely depended on the power supply to carry on with their day-to-day activities. From the smallest tasks to running a billion-dollar project, the power supply is essential to keep the world stable...

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Suprema Time Attendance and Access Control | ScreenCheck Africa

Get Accuracy Every Time with Suprema Time Attendance and Access Control

When it comes to security measurements, you cannot take any second chances. As the world searches for the best and latest technologies that offer Time & Attendance monitoring and Access control, ScreenCheck Africa brings Card, Mobile, and Biometric based...

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